Win one of five port wine hampers, each worth £100

We’ve teamed up with Cockburn’s Port to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Special Reserve by giving away five fabulous port-filled hampers.

Win one of five port wine hampers, each worth £100




To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Special Reserve, Cockburn’s Port is offering delicious. readers the chance to win one of five fabulous port-filled hampers, each worth £100.

Each hamper contains two bottles of their Special Reserve Port, one bottle of Cockburn’s Quinta dos Canais Vintage Port, two bottles of Cockburn’s Fine White Port and four bottles of Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic.

Special reserve

Their Special Reserve Port, which is slow aged in old oak barrels, has luscious red berry flavours leading to a distinctive dry finish, balanced with fine wood-aged flavours. Having graced family tables up and down the country since 1969, Cockburn’s Special Reserve makes a wonderful addition to any dinner party, particularly during the festive season.

There’s no need to decant–  just pop the cork and serve!




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  1. I was lucky enough to visit Porto a few years ago and to say I spent a bit of time at Cockburns house and cellars is an understatement. If anybody ever get’s the chance, do go.

  2. Picture the scene – Dark wintry night, blazing log fire, comfy armchair and me with my bottle of port – Cockburn’s of course! Pure bliss……….

  3. As a young dentist in training,I treated one of the Cockburn family,being very naive I called him “mr Cock Burn” instead of Sir John Cockburn.
    He of course being a gentleman did not point out my mistake,but bought me as a gift my first bottle of port.Something I shall always remember

  4. Coburn’s Port is always ace, my friends all drink it at my place – it would be good to win this prize, the delicious taste would put stars in their eyes.

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