14 genius toast topping ideas

We’ve said it countless times before (and we’ll say it again for good measure), ‘things on toast’ is absolutely a meal in its own right. Whether it’s for brunch or an evening snack, there are countless ways to elevate the humble dish that is toast to new and extraordinary heights.

While there’s a time and a place for butter and Marmite and we have nothing against a soft-boiled egg with soldiers, we’re on hand to show you how you can transform this simple dish into something you’d be proud to serve dinner party guests (for example). Every recipe in this list takes 30 minutes or less to make because we want these combinations to serve you time and time again, whatever the situation or time of day.

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14 genius toast topping ideas

Scroll on down and find 14 ways to make a slice of toast a tad more exciting – and don’t forget to experiment with your own flavours at home, too!

Smoky pureed butter beans on toast

This is the sort of grown-up lunch that you’re totally allowed to feel smug about (but really only takes 20 minutes to throw together).

beans on toast with ham

Griddled asparagus, goat’s cheese and herb oil toast

There are plenty of good things to say about this spectacular savoury toast recipe: it’s quick to make (merely 25 minutes), is suitable for vegetarians and the recipe makes enough herb oil for another meal (trust us, you’ll want to drizzle that stuff on everything). Serve it up as a simple starter or lunch for two.

asparagus on toast

Garlic mushrooms on toast

There’s little more to say about this classic combination other than you know it’s going to be good. Add a poached egg on top too, if you’re feeling extra decadent.

garlic mushrooms on toast

Kimchi cheese on toast

We have no qualms about regular cheese on toast, but there’s something about the pickled flavour of kimchi that makes this dish next-level GOOD.

Tip: can’t get your hands on kimchi? Swap it for a spoon of mango chutney instead.

kimchee on toast

Avocado, bacon and fried egg on toast

To all the brunch aficionados out there, this one’s for you. Allow us to say no more…

avocado toast

Pea and crab crostini

This quick and easy crostini recipe is an oh-so elegant way to use up a slightly stale baguette! Top with crab meat, peas, tarragon and lemon for a fresh and zingy canape.

crab crostini

Broad bean and goat’s cheese bruschetta

Watercress, radishes and broad beans feature in this springtime take on the Italian dish: bruschetta. It’s crisp, tangy and light making it a fantastic starter or nibble!

goats cheese bruschetta

Creamed leeks and smoked haddock on toast

Opt for bold, creamy and comforting flavours with this main-meal toast recipe. It’s made with cheese and double cream (we see all you dairy fans out there) for a properly filling and comfort-filled dish.

Tip: for a cheaper alternative, swap the haddock for smoked mackerel instead.

creamed leeks on toast

Cheesy asparagus scrambled eggs on toast

Gorgeously gooey scrambled eggs are one of the greatest ways one can top buttered toast, and we asked the Italian pro, Francesco Mazzei, to show us how. He puts an extra special spin on this classic breakfast dish with the addition of asparagus, grana Padano, sun-blush tomatoes and olives.

scrambled eggs on toast

Truffle honey-roasted fig and pancetta crostini with gorgonzola

Jammy figs, salty pancetta, dusty gorgonzola and a drizzle of truffle honey make a strong team in this fantastic crostini recipe. If you’re a fan of a sweet and salty combo, this one’s for you.

figs on toast

Chicken, chorizo and beans on toast

A hearty, protein-packed meal that we often turn to for a quick but substantial dinner. Pimp beans on toast with tasty chorizo sausage, crème fraiche, chicken breast and parsley.

Tip: next time, swap chicken for smoked haddock, mackerel or prawns and add to the pan with a sprinkle of smoked paprika.

chorizo on toast

Spring onion, herby ricotta and ‘nduja on toast

Never used ‘nduja before? It’s a spicy spreadable Italian sausage that’s widely available in big supermarkets. Can’t get your hands on the stuff? Try frying a little crumbled chorizo sausage and chilli for a similar spicy effect.

spring onion ricotta toast

Manchego Rarebit

We’ve put a Spanish twist on a classic Welsh rarebit sauce and used Manchego cheese in this epic toast recipe. Egg yolks and mustard powder are what give the sauce its stunning yellow hue – give it a go.

manchego rarebit

Lemon ricotta bruschetta with Tenderstem broccoli and Heirloom tomatoes

Using sourdough as a base gives these seasonal toasts an extra crunchy, chewy texture. If Tenderstem broccoli isn’t in season, swap for asparagus or even green beans.

tenderstem toasts


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