Ann’s Pasties

Ann’s Pasties

Producer: Ann’s Pasties, Cornwall
Product name: Cornish Pasty
Region: South West, Isles of Scilly and The Channel Islands
Category: From the earth, artisan

What they do:
Over 30 years ago, Ann Muller and her mother realised there was a business to be made producing good Cornish pasties, and set up a highly successful market stall, which was soon followed by a permanent shop as the business took off.
Ann handed down the skill to her son Fergus, and the pair now work together to make a range of traditional and seasonal pasties.
Ann and Fergus pride themselves on making pasties using only local produce. Every filling ingredient is grown or reared within a 10-mile radius of their shop in Helston, Cornwall. The red ruby beef used comes from two nearby farmers, and vegetables are mostly bought directly from local farms.
Rather than keeping their recipe a secret, Ann’s Pasties are keen to pass on their knowledge to their staff and run cookery demonstrations in local schools. Seeing their product as a ‘celebration of Cornwall’, they are eager to give back to the community through sponsorship of local sports clubs.

What the judges said:
The judges praised Ann’s Pasties for their excellent provenance and their use of local breeds of cattle. They also commended them on their passion for sharing knowledge across the generations.

Visit the website:Ann’s Pasties

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