10 Sunday roast recipes that are truly epic

If we had to choose one meal that sums up proper British comfort food, it would probably be the Sunday roast. It’s a dish that, in our opinion, is best when it isn’t too fussy or fancy. Not really. From the golden joint of roasted meat to the roughed-up, crispy roast potatoes, a quality roast dinner is all about flavour, texture, comfort – and gravy of course… 

So, to celebrate how special a good roast really is, we’ve brought together 10 of our best-ever Sunday roast recipes, including ideas with chicken, beef, pork, lamb and veggie mains too. And what would Sunday lunch be without all the trimmings? Keep on scrolling for some of our favourite side dishes to pair them with, too.

10 Sunday roast recipes that are truly epic

Roast chicken with basil, mint and pistachio pesto

Pesto and chicken is a brilliant combination and it’s a real knockout in this roast chicken recipe. Whizz up the basil, mint and pistachio pesto in no time at all, then use to stuff and cover a whole chicken for a gorgeously green, fresh and herby main course.

pesto roast chicken

Roast chicken with lemon, oregano and olive breadcrumb stuffing

If a traditional roast chicken is your preferred Sunday lunch of choice, give this one a try. The incredible lemon, sourdough and olive stuffing is good enough to eat on its own! Not that we’ve done that…

Oregano roast chicken

Roast topside of beef

This is one of our most popular roast beef recipes of all time. A majestic topside joint is coated in mustard, sugar and sea salt (that’s it!), then roasted until juicy and still pink in the middle. Serve with crisp roast potatoes and beef dripping gravy. Click here to watch a video on how to make the entire meal!

roast rib of beef

Roast rib of beef with beef dripping chips and stilton hollandaise

We’ll say it one more time for the people in the back: roast rib of beef, beef dripping chips and stilton hollandaise. Just let that sink in for a minute… This is special occasion-worthy stuff.

roast rib of beef

Slow-roast pork belly with sherry gravy and mint relish

The key to perfectly cooking pork belly is to roast it low and slow in the oven until wonderfully tender, before whacking up the heat at the final moment to achieve its infamous crispy crackling. Delicious served with a sharp mint relish.

pork belly

Slow-roast pork shoulder with leeks and cannellini beans

We owe Georgina Hayden for this marinated pork shoulder dish, which she’s cooked on a bed of silky leeks, hearty cannellini beans, fennel, white wine and mustard. It’s cooked for up to four hours, until the meat is tender and the vegetables are soft and caramelised.

pork shoulder

Roast leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic pesto

Rosemary works really well with roast lamb, so we’ve made a clever pesto with this fragrant herb and used it as a flavoursome rub to really make this joint sing. Make sure to let the meat rest for at least 45 minutes to ensure it’s properly juicy when you’re ready to serve.

roast lamb

Slow-roast shoulder of lamb with chargrilled vegetables

If you hadn’t already guessed, we’re huge fans of slow-roasting meat – it produces such deliciously tender results and requires very little effort to achieve. Test out this technique with Paul Merrett’s shoulder of lamb recipe. He’s served it on a bed of gooey polenta and sweet roasted vegetables for something slightly different to your standard Sunday lunch.

shoulder of lamb

Maple-glazed parsnip, chestnut and feta loaf

We often turn to this mouth-watering savoury loaf during the winter months. It’s prepared with hearty winter ingredients – including parsnips, leeks, mushrooms and chestnuts – and made all the more tasty with a generous helping of feta cheese. Contrasting these umami flavours is the sticky-sweet maple glaze, which makes this fantastic vegetarian showstopper ever so moreish!

parsnip roast

Cauliflower wellington

We’ve stolen and developed the luxurious flavours of a traditional beef wellington to create this wow-factor veggie dish. The cauliflower is covered in a layer of creamy mushroom pate, plus a good grating of cheddar, before being wrapped up in a coat of puff pastry.

cauliflower loaf

Our favourite Sunday roast side dishes…

Cauliflower, leek and blue cheese gratin

One of the best bits about this cheesy gratin is the crunchy breadcrumb and flaked almond topping. Break through the crunchy top layer to reveal an oozy cauliflower and blue cheese sauce.

blue cheese gratin

Roast potatoes with polenta, balsamic and thyme

A great roast potato has GOT to be crunchy, which is why we’ve coated these golden beauties with polenta. Pretty nifty, don’t you think? Drizzle over a mix of balsamic vinegar, garlic and thyme during the final 20 minutes of cooking for a fabulous sweet-but-tangy kick.

balsamic potatoes

Spiced honey fondant parsnips and carrots

Let sweet carrots and parsnips reach their full potential with a drizzle of honey and plenty of butter.


Fennel, taleggio, potato and parmesan gratin

There’s no denying that this gratin is rich, but that’s all the more reason to reserve (and enjoy) it for a truly special occasion. It uses two really punchy cheeses – taleggio and parmesan – for plenty of tangy flavour, plus a generous pouring of double cream. If this doesn’t take your Sunday lunch up a notch, we don’t know what will.

thyme gratin

Bay-scented smashed roast potatoes

These skin-on potatoes are smashed during the final minutes of roasting for crispy results. Swap them out for roasties at your next Sunday lunch.

bay scented potatoes 

Time for dessert? Explore our favourite nostalgic puddings and finish things on a cosy note.

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