Taste tested: The best supermarket food to buy this Christmas

Team delicious. have tasted their way through the supermarkets’ latest festive creations to sort the true gems from the merely glitter-dusted. Here’s our definitive list of the best supermarket Christmas food to add to your trolley this year.

Taste tested: The best supermarket food to buy this Christmas

5 of the best ready-made canapés

Lidl Deluxe Mini Croque-Monsieur with Emmental Cheese
£2.99 for 20 (240g)
Available: In store now

Tiny ham and cheese-saucy toasties (would you bother making your own?) and lots of them. They brown nicely from frozen and taste pleasingly mustardy.


Co-op Irresistible Sticky Toffee Pudding Bites
£4 for 12 (269g)
Available: In store from 15 Dec

Squidgy little sweet canapés made with dates, simple to pop in the microwave. Our only complaint? We want more sticky sauce!

Sticky toffee bites

M&S 10 Molten Cheddar Cheese Profiteroles
£5 for 10 (220g)
Available: In store now

Light, puffy canapés full of delectable molten cheese filling. Easy to eat with drink in hand and they warm in the oven in moments. Win!


Co-op Irresistible Sea Salt & Chardonnay Fish & Chip Stackers
£5 for 303g
Available: In store from 15 Dec

The seasoning from Co-op’s cult favourite sea salt and chardonnay crisps delivers an appetisingly acidic bite.

Fish stackers

Asda Extra Special Vegan Crab Croquettes with Red Pepper & Roasted Garlic Purée
£2.59 for 218g
Available: In store now

White mock ‘crab meat’ mimics seafood’s clean, sweet taste astonishingly. Less love for the sauce.


Best buffet food

Booths Lathams Glasson Dock Smoked Salmon & Chive Quiche
£12.50 for 1.2kg, serves 8
Available: To order online at booths.co.uk to collect in store

Just-set-but-slightly-wobbly-when-warm filling with well-judged fish and herbs: totally delicious. The Med veg and goat’s cheese version is also good.


5 of the best ready-made desserts

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Millionaire’s Torte
£10 for 1.08kg, serves 10
Available: In store from 20 Dec

A large baked cheesecake with layers of chocolate and caramel, finished with Belgian chocolate ganache. The flavour and look are a cut above.


Tesco Wicked Kitchen Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Log
£6 for 570g, serves 6
Available: In store now

Glossy mirror glaze ganache, lush choc mousse and balanced salted caramel: impressive for a frozen, vegan pud. “I went back for seconds,” said our tester.

Wicked chocolate log

Aldi Vegan Speculoos Cheesecake
£2.49 for 450g
Available: In store from 10 Dec

A dairy-free pud for speculoos lovers, with properly creamy filling, sweetly spiced speculoos sauce and biscuit crumble. “A great cheat’s dessert,” said our tester.

Waitrose Vegan Winter Pudding
£5 for 405g, serves 4.
Available: In store from mid Dec

This light-textured Xmas pud alternative is a fetchingly festive crimson and tartly juicy with berries. Just add whipped cream (plant-based, if needed!).

Waitrose pudding

Iceland Baileys Macarons
£4 for 12 (132g)
Available: In store now

Moreish after-dinner treats in chocolate, salted caramel and coffee flavours with Baileys buttercream filing to stash in the freezer. Also at Iceland: a Luxury Giant Chocolate Bar (£6 for 600g, serves 8, in store now) with layers of brownie, peanut caramel and chocolate mousse.

Baileys pudding

3 of the best supermarket panettone

Waitrose Tiramisu Panettone
£10 for 750g, serves 10
Available: In store now

Fluffy enriched bread with addictive flavour from the coffee syrup and sweet wine-infused mascarpone. The chocolate is the icing on the cake, literally. Delightful.


Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Prosecco and Orange Panettone
£9 for 800g
Available: In store now

Soft and not too sweet, with candied orange and sultanas, this got a thumbs up from our pastry chef-trained tester. Smart packaging for gifting.


Morrisons The Best Chocolate Orange and Mascarpone Cream Panettone
£7 for 750g, serves 8
Available: In store now

Swirls of cream in every slice, true orange flavour and buttery dough. Seconds (and more) were eaten. Smartly packaged too.


5 smart time-saver meals for two

Iceland Luxury Smoked Haddock Gratin
£4 for 2 x 100g, serves 2
Available: In store now

Generous chunks of smoky fish in rich, creamy, lightly cheesy sauce, served in table-ready terracotta ramekins. Would make a handy starter in a pinch.

Haddock gratin

Aldi Partridge in a Pear Tree Wellington
£9.99 for 400g
Available: In store from 19 Dec

Two smart-looking parcels with succulent partridge, plus pork and pear stuffing.

Pear tree

M&S Seafood Bouillabaisse
£25 for 942g.
Available: Food to order & in store from 21 Dec

Not as soupy as the classic recipe (and would be a main meal for two), but rich, complex and packed with juicy prawns, mussels and fish. A special treat.


Booths Fish Pie with Lobster Bisque Sauce
£9 for 720g, serves 2-3.
Available: Order online at booths.co.uk to collect in store

A super stopgap dinner for the freezer: generous chunks of moist fish (cod, salmon, smoked salmon, prawns), creamy sauce and soft mash topping. Tastes homemade.


M&S 2 Barber’s Cheddar Melt in the middle Cheese Fondants
£4.50 for 270g, serves 2
Available: In store now

Bursting with oozy, cheesy gorgeousness, these are large enough to be a veggie main or posh lunch (served with salad) or a substantial starter.


5 great vegetarian buys

Waitrose Vegan Jewelled Roast with a Fruity Centre
£5.99 for 530g, serves 4
Available: In store from early Dec

Firm, juicy meatloaf-style texture and satisfying umami flavour, with cranberry pieces, pine nuts and citrussy ooziness adding interest.

Waitrose vegan roast

Tesco Plant Chef Portobello Mushroom Wellington
£6 for 450g, serves 2
Available: In store now

Thin pastry, but a hearty filling with subtly sweet beetroot that would work well with all the festive trimmings.

Tesco wellington

Iceland Luxury Mac & Cheese Tart
£3 for 400g, serves 2
Available: In store now

Vintage cheddar delivers the cheesiness, the toasted crumb topping delivers the crunch. Comfort food to the max.

Mac and cheese tart

Higgidy Cheeseboard & Fig Chutney Quiche
£4.25 for 400g, Waitrose, Ocado & Sainsbury’s.
Available: In stores now

Stilton, cheddar and brie shine through in this properly festive quiche, finished with a brussels sprout and chestnut crumb.

Higgidy quiche

Charlie Bigham’s Mushroom Risotto
£7.95 for 700g, serves 2, Waitrose & Ocado.
Available: in store now

The variety of meaty mushrooms feels premium, with punchy but not overly earthy flavour. We rate the Lemon Drizzle Pudding too (£5 for 404g, serves 2 4, Waitrose) – the citrus equivalent of sticky toffee.


5 of the best last-minute lifesavers 

Morrisons Bake at Home Mince Pies
£2.50 for 6, 402g
Available: In store now

Bake the in-store bakery’s buttery recipe from frozen at home for ultimate freshness. Simply pop some in the oven when cravings (or guests) arrive.

Bake at home mince pies

Natoora Delica Pumpkin & Farro Soup
£3.79 for 350g, Ocado
Available: Online now

For when something nourishing is in order: a subtly spicy, veg-forward meal for one from the quality greengrocer. Made in their small kitchen in Bermondsey.

Natoora soup

Tesco Finest Hollandaise Sauce with Champagne
£1.20 for 150ml
Available: In store from 13 Dec

A microwave marvel that hits the spot with no faff. Enhance with fresh herbs.


by Sainsbury’s Hassleback Potatoes with Maple & Smoked Salt Butter
£2 for 350g
Available: In store from 13 Dec

This easy to prep roastie alternative comes with flavoursome butter.

Morrisons The Best Honey & Mustard Baby Parsnips
£3 for 600g, serves 3-4.
Available: In store from 15 Dec

Fluffy inside, crispy outside ­and with a lip-smackingly good glaze, these were a surprise hit.


5 sweet treats to spoil yourself with 

Asda Extra Special Cookies in Sticky Toffee and Chocolate Orange
£1.50 for 8 (200g)
Available: In store now

Soft-textured treats that magically melt in the middle (helped by the microwave), creating a sweet, saucy centre. Fun.


Bahlsen’s Gewürz Spekulatius
£1 for 200g, exclusive to Asda.
Available: In store now

These thin, crisp biscuits have sensational spiced flavour. Ideal with coffee and would make a stellar biscuit base.


Häagen-Dazs Irish Whiskey & Chocolate Waffle
£4.80 for 460ml, major retailers.
Available: In stores now

Fittingly creamy, with welcome crunch from the waffle pieces and mild boozy kick. Look out for the rum, salted caramel and biscuit flavour, too.

Haagden Daaz

Sainsbury’s Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tear & Share Bread Kit
£3 for 242g.
Available: In store now

A great baking project with easy steps: mix, shape and bake your dough from the sachets provided for an impressive looking (and tasting) treat.

Wreath kit

Morrisons Gluten Free Gingerbread Crumble Mince Pies
£2.50 for 4 (200g)
Available: In store now

Excellent free-from pies with something special about them. Spiced, buttery pastry; contrastingly sharp, zingy filling; and crumble topping with a sugary crunch.


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