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Is low-fat dairy really better for you than full fat?

It’s one of the most debated topics in nutrition: is full-fat or low-fat dairy better for your health? Official advice...


Are carbs really the enemy?

Many people follow a low carb diet to lose weight, improve their metabolic health or simply because they think it’s...


Are plant milks really the healthy option?

In the UK we spend more on non-dairy milks than any other European country, and our supermarket shelves are awash...


Is it possible to give up ultra-processed food?

It’s the latest headline-grabbing health issue: ultra-processed food and how bad it is for you. Yet it makes up about...


What do nutritionists put in their shopping baskets?

With so much health advice bandied about in tabloid headlines and from often dubious sources on social media, it can...


Five ways to eat better in 2024

Looking to improve your diet and health in 2024? With so much nutrition advice to digest these days it’s difficult...


Why volunteering at Christmas benefits us all

It’s all about joy and family at this time of year, but if you’re alone or homeless, Christmas Day sharpens...


Buffets rule! A love letter to the big party spread

Take a paper plate and form an orderly queue, says food writer Sue Quinn. Christmas is here, so it’s time...


Behind the scenes: a peek at the Knepp Estate’s new restaurant

The trailblazing Knepp Estate in Sussex is bringing nature conservation from land to plate in a new café and restaurant....


Why are the French healthier than Brits?

Despite their love of cheese, sweet bakes and foods rich in saturated fat, the French are healthier than the British....


Should you eat breakfast? We look at the pros and cons

Eggs, toast, maybe fruit, yogurt and granola… Most of us have been brought up to believe beginning the day with...


Are you a member of the sleep-deprived club?

Experts say there’s clear evidence that food – and when we eat it – can affect the quality of our...


The art of making parmesan cheese

It’s a workaday ingredient, but are you aware of the months of care and attention that go into making a...


Can food really boost your immune system?

With health concerns high on the agenda, it appears that food companies are cashing in on our anxieties, teasing us...


Lactose intolerance: are we too quick to cut dairy from our diets?

The lactose-free market is booming, says Sue Quinn, but many people are misdiagnosed as lactose-intolerant. And even if you are...


Five ways to make sure you take a proper lunch break

2020 was the year when employers realised how surprisingly well businesses could run with their workforce based at home –...

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