10 ways to lower your salt intake

If you’re thinking of ways to reduce your salt intake, then what better time than National Salt Awareness Week?

Read our tips on clever ways to enjoy salt-free cooking and put them into practice with some of our best low-salt recipes.

10 ways to lower your salt intake

1.Eat the freshest foods

Eat produce at its best, when it’s fresh. Ripe fruit and raw vegetables are full of flavour.

2. Enjoy natural sodium

Celery, beetroots, carrots, sweetcorn, spinach, artichokes, poultry and seafood all have it.

3. Embrace herbs

All foods have a herb partner – rosemary for lamb, bread and vegetables; sage for pork; fennel for fish and so on. Herbs enhance flavour and reduce your salt cravings.

4. Add a dash of spice

Make a seasoning mix with 1 tablespoon each mustard powder, paprika and garlic powder, 1 teaspoon each black pepper, dried basil and thyme. Sprinkle on food before cooking.

5. Use sharp flavours

Squeeze lemon and lime over chicken, fish and vegetables before you cook, and add rich, sticky balsamic vinegars to marinades and salad dressings.

6. Eat naturally hot foods

Spicy leaves such as watercress and rocket pep up salads. Horseradish and wasabi are great with meat and fish, and chillies add a real kick to food.

7. Slow cook

Simmering soups and stews intensifies flavours.

8. Know your onions

Gently fry onions in oil and unsalted butter until caramelised, then use to add savouriness.

9. Make your own stock

Chicken carcasses contain natural sodium and make great stock with veg and herbs.

10 Home-bake cakes and biscuits

That way, you know there’s no extra salt added.

Try one of these low-salt recipes:

Spicy tomato and basil pasta
Roasted tomato soup with croutons
Spiced spinach and potato cakes with poached eggs and stir-fried kale
Easy warm roast cauliflower, sweet potato and quinoa salad

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