Tomato and mozzarella calzone recipe

By Felicity Barnum Bobb

  1. Serves 6
  2. Takes 45 minutes to make
  3. Rating

This easy Italian dish uses ready made pizza dough, but there are also details on how to make this from scratch in our chef's tip section below.

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Tomato and mozzarella calzone


  1. 280g packet pizza base mix (or if you prefer to make your own, see 'tip')
  2. Flour, for dusting
  3. ½ x 300g jar Napolina pizza sauce
  4. 2 x 125g mozzarella balls, drained and chopped
  5. 1 garlic clove, crushed
  6. Good handful of fresh basil leaves


  1. 1. Preheat the oven to 220C/fan200C/gas 7. Make up the pizza base mix according to the packet instructions or make your own dough. Divide the dough into 6, shape into balls, then flatten and roll out into 15cm rounds on a lightly floured surface. Brush cold water around the edges.
  2. 2. Divide the pizza sauce between the pizza bases, spreading evenly and leaving a small border around the edge. Place the mozzarella and crushed garlic on one side of each dough round, tear the basil leaves and scatter over the top, then season with a little black pepper. Enclose the filling by lifting over the other side of the dough. Press the edges firmly together to seal and transfer to a large baking sheet.
  3. 3. Cut a couple of tiny holes in the centre of each calzone. Bake for 15 minutes, or until the calzone is pale-golden. Serve with green salad leaves.

Nutritional info

Per serving: 281kcals, 10.4g fat (6.3g saturated), 14.5g protein, 32.5g carbs, 2.3g sugar, 1g salt

Chef's tip

This recipe uses a pizza base mix for speed, but many brands contain hydrogenated fat. You can make up the dough yourself. Mix 300g strong white bread flour, a good pinch of salt and 3/4 x 7g sachet of easy-blend yeast with 2 tablespoons olive oil and just enough warm water to make a soft, springy dough. You can freeze a couple of the calzones unbaked. If you do, bake from frozen for 20 minutes, until golden.


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January 31

love Calzone but i think i would add meat to it,such as pepperoni,or chorizo and peppers.


June 11

This is absolutely delish! The only thing, if you don't mind adding a few more calories, lightly brush the dough with milk or a bit of egg to make it golden. Even if you don't... it's still super delicious! Everyone in the family love it! Five Stars!!


May 13

Hi Liz The same amount of time will suffice. Regards, Debra, web editor


May 8

If you make the homemade version and want to cook it straight away how long do you bake it in the oven for?

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