6 classic recipes to make you fall in love with cooking again

Even the food-obsessed amongst us can fall into a cooking rut sometimes. Whether you feel you’ve exhausted all of your creativity or simply worry that other life commitments have started to take up all of your kitchen-time, we want you to fall back in love with cooking and reckon these 6 feel-good recipes can help relight that fire…

6 classic recipes to make you fall in love with cooking again

Omelettes are simple to make but sometimes their simplicity can be our kitchen downfall. Even the easiest of omelette recipes can go horribly wrong and we seem to have developed a sense of insecurity towards this simple eggy dish. Take things back to basics and master the perfect omelette using our step-by-step guide. Once you’ve found your way, you can add all sorts of spices and ingredients to suit your tastebuds.


Cooking up a huge pot of spaghetti bolognese can be so satisfying, especially if you have your own special way of making it. Whether you insist on adding lashings of parmesan or like to melt in a square or two of dark chocolate to the sauce, celebrate your spag bol style and let this classic Italian dish be the reason you pine to get back into the kitchen.


Nothing is more British than crumble, and with its fruity, biscuity aroma, crunchy topping and juicy filling, its place in our culinary hall of fame is undisputed. Master Debbie Major’s definitive blackberry and apple crumble recipe and then have a go at creating your own seasonal combinations. You might be surprised at how creative you can get.

Blackberry crumble recipe

It’s official: we’re a nation obsessed with the Sunday roast. It’s the meal that gets people together,  so dust off your apron, get up early this Sunday and take pride in pouring your soul into preparing something that the whole family can enjoy. If you feel you’ve exhausted the same old roast recipes, try something new, like our parmesan-stuffed chicken, butterflied leg of lamb or delicious nut roast with halloumi.

Roast chicken with stuffing

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as cooking a curry from scratch. Starting with just a few tablespoons of spices and transforming them into a warming bowl of curry is so rewarding and might just encourage you to experiment with flavours once again. Try our take on a national favourite, the comforting chicken tikka masala. Gather friends for an Indian feast and serve the curry alongside rice, parathas, raita and coriander.

chicken tikka masala

Have you ever noticed the hypnotic capabilities that a brownie can possess? Master our incredibly moreish classic brownies recipe for the ultimate sweet treat. Once you’ve nailed it,  jazz up your batch of brownies by scattering chopped Maltesers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Munchies over the mixture, before baking. The possibilities really are endless…


Have we left you feeling inspired? Leave us a comment below to share the recipe that made you fall in love with cooking.


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