16 best savoury tart recipes

When the days slowly start to get longer and the winter chill in the air begins to subside, lighter meals such as savoury tarts are the first things on our minds. Tarts are great for taking on a picnic, or for serving up for a weekend lunch with the family.

From a classic quiche Lorainne to individual baba ghanoush tartlets, or a contintental combination like pear and roquefort, explore our very best savoury tart recipes below. There is nothing quite like the pride of serving up a freshly baked tart or quiche for lunch, especially when you master the crisp bottom.

16 best savoury tart recipes

What’s the difference between a tart and a quiche?

What’s in a name? Quiches are traditionally savoury only, while a tart can be sweet OR savoury. Either way, they’re classic warm-weather fare, and taste best served at room temperature. Make one to see you through work-from-home lunches or pack one for a weekend picnic. And check out all our individual savoury tarts, they are cute as can be.

Puff or shortcrust?

There are strong opinions out there as to which pastry makes for a better tart. Are you a flaky puff pastry aficionado or is the bite of shortcrust more to your liking? We have got recipes for both homemade foolproof puff and shortcrust pastry. But we can’t deny sometimes the shop-bought shortcut is just as good, so we’ve included recipes which use those too.

Tip: learning to bake a pastry case blind is a crucial skill for these savoury tarts. Follow our video guide and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Our best-ever savoury tart recipes

Leek, lemon, thyme and pancetta tart

Not only does the addition of lemon cut through the richness of the cream, ricotta and pancetta, it also looks beautiful on top of this tart. This one is a real showstopper.

Click here for the recipe

Hot smoked salmon, potato and horseradish tart

Inexpensive, quick to prepare, and full of flavour, this hot smoked salmon tart is brought alive with dill and horseradish, and the potato in the filling means it makes for a substantial meal.

Click here for the recipe

Ultimate quiche Lorraine

The success of an amazing quiche Lorraine lies in the finer details. Crisp pastry – not too thick, not too thin – and a silky, just-set filling made with eggs, milk, nutmeg and ham. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself when you’re enjoying those leftovers.

Click here for the recipe

Goat’s cheese and beetroot quiche

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, why not try a goat’s cheese and marinated beetroot quiche – it boasts all the right hits of sweet and sour.

Click here for the recipe

Sweet onion and cauliflower tart

Our sweet onion and cauliflower tart hits all the right flavour notes: caramelised onions and nutty roasted cauliflower come together with lactic Wensleydale cheese, earthy thyme and piquant black olives for a delicious result.

onion and cauliflower tart

Click here for the recipe

Deep dish gruyère, spinach and bacon quiche

Did someone say deep dish? The earthy spinach, salty bacon and sweet gruyère work so well together. Give this heavenly combination a go for your next weekend feast.

deep dish quiche

Click here for the recipe

Spinach, pine nut and dill tart

This is possibly one of our prettiest tart recipes – and it’s so simple to make! In all of 10 minutes you can have it ready for the oven. Serve with a crunchy salad for a perfect springtime supper.

Click here for the recipe

Baba ghanoush tarts

If you can’t get enough of the smoky, garlicky, Middle Eastern dip, then try these tarts. Once you’ve made the aubergine mix, they’re quick to throw together.

Click here for the recipe

Ultimate pissaladière

This elegant pissaladiere from Julia Busuttil Nishimura featured in our February issue, and it’s a real cracker. Why save the food of the Med just for summer? This dish is delicious all year round.

Click here for the recipe

Cheeseboard tart

We’re not going to lie to you, this baked cheeseboard tart is rich and not for the faint-hearted (it’s made with Cheddar, whole milk and stilton). But it cleverly makes use of leftover cheese and chutney, turning them into something glorious. So serve up thick slices with a salad and enjoy.

Click here for the recipe

Individual cheese, onion and bacon tartlets

You don’t have to include bacon in these tartlets, as the cheese, shallot, chutney and chives are flavourful enough on their own. The trick to a good tartlet is its crisp pastry base and silky, cheesy filling – these have both down to a tee.

Click here for the recipe

Pear and roquefort tart

The classic combination of pear and blue cheese is improved by encasing it in pastry and submerging it in a rich mascarpone filling.

Click here for the recipe

Asparagus and goat’s cheese tart

Show off the season’s beans and asparagus in this tart with goat’s cheese, buttery pastry, and a silky custard filling. It’s a combination we can get on board with.

Click here for the recipe

Cheddar and chard tart with oatmeal pastry

This cheddar and chard tart has a lovely oatmeal pastry that’s enriched with a bit of cheese – because why shouldn’t the pastry be as delicious as the filling? This one serves 8, so it’s great for leftover lunches.

Click here for the recipe

Tomato, thyme and ricotta tart

Calling all tomato fans! This one’s for you… The secret here is to bake your pastry case the night before, as the assembly job of the ricotta filling and fresh tomato topping is super simple.

Click here for the recipe

Find all our savoury tart recipes for even more inspiration. 

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