Cavanagh Free Range Eggs Ltd

Cavanagh Free Range Eggs Ltd

Producer: Cavanagh Free Range Eggs Ltd, Co Fermanagh
Product: Free Range Eggs
Region: Northern Ireland
Category: From the Field (Primary)

What they do
John and Eileen Hall have been producing free-range eggs on their family farm since 2002, but it wasn’t until 2012, when the couple realised that there was a demand for ethically produced eggs, that Cavanagh Free Range Eggs came about.

Animal welfare is at the forefront of Cavanagh’s business model. The couple don’t use cages because, as they say, it restricts animals from expressing their natural behaviours. (During the recent bird flu threat, their birds were housed in barns.) The birds are fed seven times a day with a nutrient-rich feed, have their own designated roosting spot and access to toys, such as footballs, and are free to take dust-baths.
Staff from Cavanagh Free Range Eggs work with schools within a 25-mile radius of the farm to educate children on where eggs come from.

What the judges said
Cavanagh Free Range Eggs’ open commitment to its craft and products made an impact on the judges. From the submission it was clear that they cared about their hens, the wider environment and that they want to pass on what they feel passionate about.

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