Our 18 best old-school recipes

Channelling the 70s for a dinner party? Hankering after a retro pud? We’ve found it’s easy to turn back time when you do it with the tastebuds.

Here we bring together 18 of our cream-of-the-crop old-school recipes. With swiss roll, beef wellington, and chicken kiev all on the cards, you’ll be drafting your own blast-from-the-past menu in no time…

Our 18 best old-school recipes

Prawn cocktail

If you’re looking for the ultimate starter, you’d be hard pushed to find one better than the mighty prawn cocktail. The British version has been in and out of fashion ever since the 1960s. It’s the small details that make it – the mayo’, the cayenne, the chives.

prawn cocktail

Salmon roulade

Look no further than a salmon roulade for your next retro starter. This version nods to the 1970s but brings it up to date with the zest of a lemon and less…. jelly.

salmon roulade

Salmon terrine

This classic salmon terrine comes with a burst of pickled celery to cut through the creamy richness. It’s a nostalgic showstopper for a dinner party. We’ve also got ham hock and trout versions, if salmon is not your thing.

salmon terrine

Name the occasion: a scotch egg will improve it.

Scotch eggs

Is a scotch egg the perfect old-school snack? Alongside a pint in a pub, or on a country walk, name the occasion: a scotch egg will improve it. This version is baked (for your health), and uses turkey mince and allspice.

scotch eggs

Chicken Kiev

The classic chicken kiev, with that oozy herby filling, and crispy crunchy coating, is a thing of joy. Master it with our recipe, including tips on flavoured butters, and how to bread the chicken to perfection.

chicken kiev


It doesn’t get much more old school than this Anglo-Indian stalwart. This version is as good for breakfast as it is for dinner. Feel free to add more spice if you like it hot!


Cauli cheese

Cauliflower cheese, that homey all-time comfort, is topped with crunchy, golden breadcrumbs in this killer version of the classic. What a way to use up the last of some stilton, eh?

cauliflower cheese

Beef wellington

It’s the all-time luxurious dinner party recipe. Nothing beats a blushing fillet of beef encased inside a crispy, golden puff pastry. A thrill to make, and a thrill to eat. Just add mustard.

beef wellington

Few food moments beat the first dip of a chip in your yolk.

Egg and chips

Why would one need a recipe for classic egg and chips, you might ask? Well, this one takes the simple supper up a notch with a double cooked chip! Boil, steam dry, and oven-cook in screaming hot oil. Few food moments beat the first dip of a chip in your yolk. Add a gammon steak, too, if you fancy.

espresso martini tiramisu

Smoked haddock and mackerel fish pie

Have we all got childhood memories of smoked fish, prawns, cheddar, mash and peas? It’s certainly a winning combination. Fluffy spuds and smoked flaky fish are just meant to be together.

fish pie

Toad in the hole (for two)

Give yourself a blast from the past with this hearty British classic. This version has a handful of cherry tomatoes for a vibrant splash of taste and colour.

toad in the hole

The ultimate fondue

Once an exotic import from Switzerland, fondue is now a bit old hat. But we think it’s one of the funnest meals going. Get interactive with this delectable recipe. You can also keep the whole think UK-focussed with our British cheese version.


Iced bakewell tarts

Hit the sweet spot with a golden layer of shortcrust pastry topped with an almond cake, strawberry jam, icing and glacé cherries.


Swiss roll

Four ingredients, and a lot of fun. Enjoy this classic swiss roll for elevenses or afternoon tea. And learn how to roll it here.

swiss roll

Arctic roll

This is a pudding that deserves to be brought into the 2020s! A perfect way to use up the season’s strawberries, this is sure to get smiles on faces.

arctic roll

A wibbly, wobbly blancmange is a comforting blast from the past. Ready in 20 minutes, and hiding 1.2kg of strawberries inside - what more do you need?

Strawberry blancmange

A wibbly, wobbly blancmange is a comforting blast from the past. Ready in 20 minutes, and hiding 1.2kg of strawberries inside – what more do you need?

strawberry blancmange

Pineapple upside-down cake

A retro pineapple upside-down cake recipe will take you back to days gone by – try it for afternoon tea or a dessert course. It’s dead easy too, so get kids involved if you so please.

pineapple upside down cake

Chocolate sponge with chocolate custard

Bring back memories of the highlight of the school dinner week. This chocolate sponge with custard is comfort in a pudding.

chocolate sponge


Like what you see? Don’t forget we have an entire collection dedicated to retro puddings plus plenty more best of British recipes to peruse.

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