What to do with leftover blue cheese

What to do with leftover blue cheese

Should you be so lucky to have blue cheese leftover from Christmas day, and unsure what to do with it, try one of these 15 recipes…

1. Stilton and bacon gratin – it’s like no other gratin you’ve had before.


2. Roasted red onion, walnut and blue cheese pasta – a quick and easy midweek meal that’s on the table in 35 minutes.


3. Ham and blue cheese croquettes – also a great way to use up leftover ham.


4. Ragù and blue cheese baked pasta – the meatiest, cheesiest baked pasta dish.


5. Stilton and spinach pancakes with soft egg – the perfect Boxing Day brunch.


6. Roast pumpkin with toasted hazelnuts, blue cheese and thyme – a great option for a dinner party starter – especially for vegetarian guests.


7. Cauliflower, leek and blue cheese gratin – British comfort food at its best and the perfect dish for a cold winter’s night.


8. Sweet potato and parsnip gnocchi with blue cheese and pine nuts –  a sweet, nutty, blue cheese-covered dish that would make any vegetarian weak at the knees.


9. Potato and stilton soup – a delicious soup that you can freeze and save for later

Stilton soup


10. Mushroom and blue cheese risotto – add a little blue cheese to your mushroom risotto and you’ve got something a little more indulgent.


11. Sage and blue cheese shortbreads – use your leftover blue cheese for these savoury shortbreads – perfect for your next cheeseboard.


12. Leek, potato and gorgonzola tart – the Queen of Hearts would love this vegetarian lattice tart… and so will you.


13. Broccoli and blue cheese soufflé – impress your guests with individual soufflés – they only take 35 minutes to make.


14. Individual stilton cauliflower cheeses – because sometimes sharing isn’t caring and it’s better if everyone gets their own…


15. Roast squash with blue cheese and pickled walnuts – jazz roast squash up with blue cheese and pickled walnuts and you’ve got a side dish that’ll steal the show.




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