11 best blood orange recipes to brighten up winter

Blood orange season spans from December through to May, but the fruit is at its most plentiful in January and February here in the UK. The three varieties of blood orange, Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinello vary in colour and flavour, with the Moro being the darkest and Tarocco the sweetest.

Fun fact: the citrus fruit’s distinct crimson colour can vary in depth – it develops its hue when night temperatures drop to -1 or -2°C. Make the most of the beautiful fruit with our 11 best blood orange recipes below.

11 best blood orange recipes to brighten up winter

Our best-ever blood orange recipes…

Vanilla cheesecake with blood oranges and caramel

A loud and proud cheesecake is always impressive, and slicing into this blood orange and caramel topped cake is a true thrill. The hazelnut and hobnob crust is a satisfying counter-note to the sweet and sharp oranges.

butternut squash pie

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Mackerel, blood orange, chorizo and walnut salad

Blood orange in a salad is a wonderful thing. Enter, our mackerel, blood orange and walnut salad. The sharp, mustardy dressing brings everything together and the chorizo adds salty umami.

Mackerel blood orange salad

Find the recipe here

Blood orange tart with cardamom cream

In this recipe, blood oranges are encased in a buttery pastry with hazelnut frangipane and then served with cardamom cream. This dessert serves 8 and is an ideal finisher for your next winter dinner party.

Blood orange tart

Find the recipe here

Roast roots and blood orange salad

This simple and easy salad recipe can be bulked up for a lunch with grains or bread, or served as a side dish to meat or fish. Whoever said winter isn’t the time for salads was wrong!

Blood orange salad

Find the recipe here

Blood orange marmalade

If you’re a lover of marmalade, you might be tempted to mix up your usual Seville orange recipe with this number, which will have you enjoying blood oranges long past their seasonal peak. Unopened jars will keep for up to 6 months.

Blood orange marmalade

Find the recipe here

Blood orange curd

This creamy orange curd requires just 4 ingredients. Use it to accompany these rose and almond puddings or try it instead of lemon curd in this vibrant cheesecake. This recipe only uses egg yolks, but leftover whites freeze well for future use.

blood orange curd

Find the recipe here

Rhubarb and blood orange crumble

Liven up a crumble with two of nature’s most crimson fruits: blood orange and rhubarb. This is a real game-changing pud for a winter’s night, and it’s perfect with a scoop of ice cream or a serving of custard.

Blood orange crumble

Find the recipe here

Blood orange sorbet

Is there anything more refreshing to finish a meal with than sorbet? In this delightful dessert, boozy caramel oranges accompany fresh blood orange sorbet, which takes only 15 minutes to make. Dinner guests will be chuffed.

Blood orange sorbet

Find the recipe here

Diana Henry’s chicken with marsala, olives, and blood orange

This chicken dish by Diana Henry is a wonderful use of the fruit. It’s a treat eaten fresh from the oven, warm, with crusty bread to soak up any juices.

Zelnik pie

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Blood orange and Campari steamed pudding

This updated take on the traditional steamed pudding stars blood oranges and Campari, and can even be cooked in the microwave for a quick and easy hack. Serve with proper custard for the ultimate comfort dish.

blood orange campari steamed pudding

Find the recipe here

Blood orange jellies and chantilly cream

These jellies make a great vehicle for blood orange’s citrussy flavour, and served with zesty orange madeleines they make a light make-ahead dessert for after a heavy meal.

Blood orange jellies

Find the recipe here

Haven’t spotted something that takes your eye? Fear not, we’ve got more orange recipes that await you here…

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