13 Marmite recipes you’re going to love (we promise)

Marmite. A product where the ads hold some truth: ‘You either love it or hate it’. And I’ve yet to meet an individual who is undecided about it.

I love it. So, I’ve put together a collection of my favourite, alternative Marmite recipes, from around the web, which will make fellow Marmite lover’s tastebuds tingle (literally), and maybe even convert the haters.


13 Marmite recipes you’re going to love (we promise)

By definition, it doesn’t sound like the most appetising thing to put on your toast – a brown, salty, and tangy spread (which can prove tough to spread, but that’s another story). But, look at it with a different pair of eyes and you’ve got yourself the perfect savoury addition to a cheese sarnie, and a condiment that has an addictive salty kick. And it’s vegan, too.

Have a read, have a taste, and let us know if you manage to convert anyone.

1. delicious., Cheese, Marmite and bacon sausage rolls

The saltiness of the Marmite enhances the pork, and who doesn’t love a sausage roll?

Marmite sausage rolls

2. Nigella’s spaghetti with Marmite

From the domestic goddess herself comes this dish which ‘no child has yet to dislike’, but let’s see if the adults like it…

Spaghetti with marmite

3. Brunch and Naps’ cheese and Marmite muffins

Possibly the best food pairing, all packed into a delicious snack.

Marmite muffins

4. The Happy Foodie’s sourdough, Marmite and butter bread sauce

A twist on the Christmas classic, this will amp up your roast for sure.

Bread sauce


They'll make fellow Marmite lover's tastebuds tingle (literally), and maybe even convert the haters

5. Huang Kitchen’s Marmite glazed pork ribs

Marmite is paired with honey to create a sticky, glistening glaze. It will take all your willpower not to lick your fingers.

Marmite glazed ribs

6. Vegan recipe club’s roast potatoes with Marmite

Add these tatties to your roast and you’ve got yourself a dinner with a delightfully tangy addition.

Marmite potatoes

7. The Veg Space, Marmite and chilli quarter pounder

This juicy veggie burger gives your tastebuds a kick of marmite and chilli – it’s so flavourful, you won’t even miss the meat.

Marmite chilli quarter pounder

8. John Waite’s Marmite and cheddar swirl loaf

A ready-made cheese and Marmite sandwich. Somehow, the swirls make it taste all the better.

Marmite loaf

9. Genius kitchen’s cheese and Marmite straws

Cheese straws with a twist… Yes, pun intended.

Cheese and marmite straws 

10. Lay the table’s chocolate cake with Marmite caramel buttercream

This one may sound too strange for some, but it really is just a salted caramel buttercream. And the saltiness comes from the Marmite. Perhaps not so strange after all!

Marmite cake 

11. Serious Eats’ beef, ale and Marmite pie

Forget beef and ale pie – beef, ale and Marmite pie is where it’s at.

Marmite pie

12. Marmite’s very own French onion soup

The creators themselves bring us this hot steaming bowl of tangy delight.

French onion soup

13. Ms Marmite lover, make your own Marmite

We couldn’t leave out the star itself. The question is, will yours be better than the real thing?


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