Our very best pigs in blankets recipes

Pigs in blankets: they’ve gained somewhat of a legendary status at the Christmas dinner table over the years, with many people reaching for them ahead of the turkey or sprouts. But what makes people lose their minds over these little bacon-wrapped chipolatas? Perhaps it’s their moreish sizing (isn’t it funny how there’s always space for another on your plate?) or the salty sweetness they yield when baked in the oven.

Whatever the reasoning behind your adoration, we’ve no doubt that you’re going to drool over this selection of our best pigs in blankets recipes: from traditional options to a show-stopping savoury traybake.

Our very best pigs in blankets recipes

Pigs in blankets: FAQs

What are pigs in blankets?

As the name comically suggests, pigs in blankets are typically pork chipotalas wrapped in a slice of streaky bacon. You often buy them uncooked and then they’re baked until cooked through.

Why are they called pigs in blankets?

Pigs = pork sausages; blankets = bacon. Once assembled, they look like a little pig sleeping in a blanket. Gettit?

Can you get vegetarian pigs in blankets?

Many supermarkets now offer alternatives to the traditional pigs in blankets, either using vegetarian or plant-based alternatives for the sausage and bacon elements.

Should you only serve pigs in blankets for Christmas dinner?

Why limit yourself to one day of the year when pigs in blankets taste so darn good? Typically, you’ll find them available in the supermarket in the months leading up to Christmas but if you fancy some off-season, simply make your own at home using some of our recipes below.

Can you freeze pigs in blankets?

Absolutely. Pigs in blankets are best frozen when they’re raw, rather than once they’ve been cooked.  When you’re ready to cook them, defrost thoroughly before putting in the oven.

Our best pigs in blankets recipes

Easiest pigs in blankets

This recipe couldn’t be any simpler if it tried; you need just three ingredients and then two steps are required of you. Serve alongside Christmas dinner or if you’re having them at a different time of year, with Yorkshires and gravy for a wonderful Sunday roast.

easiest pigs in blankets

Click here for the recipe

Pigs in blankets for Christmas

We’ve really taken pigs in blankets to the next level with the crafty addition of rosemary and honey, for a welcomed boost of flavour and sweetness.  You can prepare them in advance and freeze to cut down your prep on Christmas Day. You’re very welcome!

Christmas pigs in blankets

Click here for the recipe

Pigs in blankets with bubble and squeak

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best part of Christmas has to be the leftovers. If you’re lucky enough to have leftover pigs in blankets after the main event, serve them up with bubble and squeak. Our recipe is a breeze, as it uses a handful of shortcut ingredients.

Pigs in blankets with bubble and squeak

Click here for the recipe

Stuffed pigs in blankets

Everyone loves stuffing, and everyone loves pigs in blankets, so we thought it only fair we made a combination of the two. Wafer-thin pancetta is wrapped around homemade sausage stuffing balls for an easy side dish or festive nibble.

stuffed pigs in blankets

Click here for the recipe

Pigs in blankets sausage rolls

We’ve only gone and created the ultimate festive hybrid: pigs in blankets sausage rolls! ⁠The best part is they’re quick to make, require just five ingredients and are extremely moreish (you have been warned…).

PIB sausage rolls

Click here for the recipe

Pigs in blankets traybake

Who said pigs in blankets were just for Christmas dinner? Enjoy them as top-drawer midweek meal in this pigs in blankets traybake. Brie, redcurrant jelly and sweet potatoes join the bacon-wrapped chipolatas in this easy dish that’ll soon become a favourite.

pigs in blanket traybake

Click here for the recipe

French onion casserole with pigs in blankets

Discover our French onion sausage casserole: Pigs in blankets come cooked in a sherry-laced, onion-rich sauce. It’s quick, it’s easy and it makes a great weeknight winner.

French onion casserole

Click here for the recipe

Now that the pigs in blankets are sorted, make sure you’ve got all bases covered with our very best Christmas trimmings recipes.

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