How to prepare squid

You can ask your fishmonger to prepare your fresh squid, or, why not give it a go yourself? Learn how to prepare squid with our step-by-step guide, then you can bask in the glory of making your own calamari from scratch.

How to prepare squid

1. Rinse under cold running water to clean, then pull the tentacles from the body to remove the innards. Don’t pierce the small, silvery grey ink sac (in the centre of our picture). Remove the clear, plasticky quill.


 2. Rinse the body under the tap, then slice off the flaps from the body.


3. Carefully scrape and peel away the thin purple membrane from the body and discard.


4. Slice the tentacles off the innards (discard the rest of the innards).


5. Squeeze the base of the tentacles to remove a bony piece known as the beak.


6. Wash the body and tentacles well under cold running water, then slice the body into rings.


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