17 best lemon dessert recipes

There’s a reason so many popular desserts are lemon-based, whether it’s a retro lemon meringue pie, a rich lemon cheesecake, an elegant lemon tart or a classic drizzle cake. We’ve got recipes for them all, along with plenty more elegant, show-stopping and comforting creations to light up your love for all things lemony. Check out our 17 very best lemon desserts, cakes and puddings for using up this citrus fruit.

17 best lemon dessert recipes

We’ve got pies, cheesecakes, tarts, cakes, churros, mousse and more. Which one will you go for?

Lemon meringue pie

This signature pudding has stood the test of time for good reason. A sweet-sharp lemon curd filling is topped with fluffy, crisp-on-top meringue. Lemon lovers (and everyone else) will adore this one.

lemon meringue pie

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Lemon curd cheesecake

Simmone Logue’s lemon curd cheesecake doesn’t shy away from creating a big bang of lemony flavour. The creamy filling is spiked with lemon zest and juice, then topped with lemon curd and a tangle of candied lemons. Fancy a slice?

lemon curd cheesecake

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Lemon curd meringue tarts

There are three main elements to these pretty tarts: crisp pastry, smooth lemon curd and crunchy, mini meringue kisses. We’ve only made a few subtle tweaks to the classic British pudding lemon meringue pie, but the result is a dessert that’s up-to-date, elegant and utterly breath-taking.

lemon meringue tarts

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Easy lemon drizzle loaf cake

This timeless creation is sure to spark joy: a zesty syrup-drenched sponge with a crunchy sugar crust. It can do no wrong in our eyes.

lemon drizzle loaf

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Baked lemon cheesecake

This lemon cheesecake is full of good surprises. A super crunchy Biscoff base is topped with an eye-wateringly tangy soured cream filling and decorated with caramelised lemon slices.

lemon cheesecake

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Not a fan of baked cheesecakes? We’ve got lots of non-baked versions, too.

Lemon tart

A proper lemon tart is a bucket list recipe you simply have to make in your lifetime. It’s not particularly tricky – just short pastry and a smooth lemon custard – but those two elements need to be perfectly executed. Make Raymond Blanc’s sophisticated lemon tart recipe for a dinner party, then dust with icing sugar before serving.

lemon tart

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Lemon sponge pudding

A pudding for when you fancy something, well, not fancy. Any enthusiastic home baker is guaranteed to have these ingredients in their cupboard (and they’re all easy to find in a supermarket if you don’t).

lemon sponge pudding

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Shortcake with lemon curd and clotted cream

We only have one thing to say about this giant shortcake recipe and that is YUM!

shortcake with lemon

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Baked lemon curd syrup sponges

For those with a sweet tooth, these golden syrup-soaked sponges are for you. Plus, we’ve served them with a cheat’s brandy custard for good measure…

baked lemon sponges

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Frozen lemon and blueberry mousse cake

A show-stopping bake for a special occasion, this frozen lemon, white chocolate and blueberry cake is all about IMPACT.

lemon blueberry cake

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Lemon fluff with limoncello cream

What is lemon fluff you ask? It surprisingly similar to what it says on the tin. A fabulously light lemon batter (much alike to a souffle) is served with softly whipped cream and spiked with a splash of limoncello (optional). It’s boozy, fluffy and easy to eat – what more could you want?

lemon fluff

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Lemon curd

It’s useful to know how to make a good lemon curd and doesn’t take an age to create. Once you’ve mastered this custard-like sweet treat, you can use it in a variety of desserts: use to fill sweet tarts, swirl through whipped cream for an easy lemon fool, dollop over ice cream or spread a layer between homemade biscuits for a zesty afternoon snack.

lemon curd

Tip: click on the recipe to find out how to make mojito curd and ginger curd, too.

Click here for the recipe

Lemon posset

This is the sort of dessert you’d expect to find on restaurant menus and all it takes is 5 minutes to prepare! Just chill in the fridge until ready to serve. We’ve flavoured this recipe with lavender but you could easily leave it out if you’re not a fan.

lemon posset

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Lemon drizzle bundt cake

We’ve served this crowd-pleasing cake in bundt form to make it ideal for a special occasion.

lemon drizzle bundt

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Lemon polenta cake

Polenta cakes are one of our favourite recipes when it comes to ensuring a moist and buttery texture. This one’s flavoured with lemon juice and limoncello and topped with a lemon curd and mascarpone cream.

Tip: you can freeze the cake, too, if you want to make this dessert in advance.

lemon polenta cake

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Cardamom churros with lemon curd dipping sauce

Have a bit of fun with this playful dessert featuring sugar-coated churros and a lemony dipping sauce. Note: you’ll need a piping bag to make the churros, but they’re easy to find in kitchen shops or online.


Click here for the recipe

Lemon mousse

Looking for a spectacular dinner party dessert? Crack out the fancy champagne glasses and fill them with this light-as-air lemon mousse, topped with candied lemons and ginger biscuits.

lemon mousse

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Still searching for more lemony things? Take a look at all our lemon recipes.

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