• Serves icon For 6-8 people
  • Time icon Takes 15 minutes to make and 10-12 minutes to cook

The perfect outdoor snack to make with kids. Next time you have a barbecue or go camping, find some long sticks and make damper bread to cook over the campfire.


  • 500g self-raising flour
  • 80g golden caster sugar
  • Strawberry jam or chocolate spread, to serve


  1. Find 8 long sticks (about 50cm) and cover half of each one with foil. Put the flour into a big bowl. Add the sugar and mix. Pour 200ml water onto the flour and mix to a dough. Knead lightly in the bowl until the dough comes together, then set aside for 10 minutes.
  2. Divide the mixture in half, then break each half into 4 equal pieces so that you have 8 pieces of dough.
  3. Take 1 lump of dough and roll it between your hands to make a sausage shape. Wrap the dough around the foil-covered end of the stick and gently press it onto the stick so that it won’t fall off.
  4. Cook the dampers over a campfire or barbecue for 10-12 minutes – keep turning them so they turn golden brown all over.
  5. Carefully tap the dough with your finger – when it’s cooked, it should feel solid when you tap it. Wrap some kitchen paper or a napkin around the damper and pull off the stick.
  6. Fill the middle of each damper with either jam or chocolate spread.

delicious. tips

  1. To make savoury dampers, reduce the sugar to 50g, and add 50g grated cheddar and a handful chopped flatleaf parsley – serve them with cooked sausages and tomato ketchup inside.


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