What to do with leftover vodka

Vodka is primarily drunk with a variety of mixers however it can be a wonderful addition to many dishes, as it provides a strong yet crisp flavour.

What to do with leftover vodka

Recipes using vodka

How to use up leftover vodka

  • Prawns á la russe. Fry raw king prawns in a hot pan with a little garlic and olive oil. Set aside. Pour a splash of vodka into the hot pan with fresh parsley, then drizzle over the warm prawns.
  • Super-short pastry. Use vodka instead of water in a shortcrust pastry recipe. Alcohol doesn’t form gluten with the flour and it evaporates during cooking, giving a shorter, more crumbly pastry.
  • Grown-up nibble. Stir vodka through créme fraîche or whipped double cream with horseradish, dill, black pepper and plenty of lemon zest. Serve dolloped onto good smoked salmon and topped with a little sustainable caviar.



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