19 ways with a packet of sausages

Okay, so bangers and mash are all well and good, but when you could be enjoying a Vietnamese pork stir-fry, an orecchiette with ragù or a damn fine burrito with that same packet of sausages – it really is worth branching out.

We’ve brought together our 19 best recipes to try with a packet of sausages below, so you can be sure to find something delicious to please the whole family.

And of course, our ever-popular easy sausage casserole recipe, or easy-peasy balsamic sausage and pepper bake will never let you down either…

19 ways with a packet of sausages

Our best sausage recipes…

Sausage meatballs with polenta

You only need a few ingredients for this smashing and simple meatballs dish. Serve in its tomato sugo on top of polenta, and you’re on to a real winter warmer.

Sausage meatballs with polenta

Click here for the recipe

Sausage and fennel ragù with orecchiette

Create a flavour-packed sausage and fennel ragù with mustard, white wine and chilli flakes for a busy weeknight meal.

Sausage ragù

Click here for the recipe

Sausage cannelloni

Use a packet of sausages to create a gorgeous ragù to fill these cannelloni with. Top with béchamel and you have yourself an exciting meal in no time.

Sausage cannelloni

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Sausage and flageolet bean casserole

Our healthy sausage and bean casserole is packed with flavour from thyme, fennel and white wine, and it can be prepped by putting everything in a slow cooker in the morning for a hands-off meal.

Sausage and flagelot bean casserole

Click here for the recipe

Smoky sausage chilli

If, like us, you like a good chilli con carne, then this dish might change the game for you. No need for slow-cooked cuts of beef here, grab yourself that packet of sausages and create a winning one-pot with the addition of chipotle, spices and a slow-cooked soffrito (celery and carrot). This one serves 8 or makes enough for 4 and another meal for the freezer. Serve with steamed rice, fresh chilli, coriander leaves, and lime wedges.

sausage chilli

Click here for the recipe

Sticky Vietnamese pork stir-fry

We all love a good stir-fry, and this number uses sausages with a fish sauce and lime dressing ticks all the boxes for a speedy weeknight dinner. Customise it with as much chilli as you like, and you’ll be on your way to a winning midweek meal.

sticky stir fry

Click here for the recipe

Sage and sausage pasta

It doesn’t get much better than this 5-ingredient pasta. Comforting sage goes so well with sausage to satisfy without blowing the budget. It’s an easy, midweek meal that’s ready in 25 mins.

Sausage and sage pasta

Click here for the recipe

Sausage with creamy kale gratin

Midweek dinner couldn’t be any easier than combining breadcrumb-coated cheesy kale gratin with your favourite bangers in this fabulous sausage dish. If you don’t have kale, you could swap it out for broccoli or cauliflower.

Kale gratin

Click here for the recipe

Cheesy sausage and mash pie

You don’t have to sideline potatoes just because you’re after something different to bangers and mash. This cheesy sausage and mash pie is a kind of cottage pie hybrid that gets full-on flavour from red wine and Marmite in its gravy. Try it for yourself to see…

sausage pie

Click here for the recipe

Cheat’s McDonald’s muffin

Want something more elaborate than a sausage sarnie? Try our cheat’s McDonald’s muffin recipe – a cheesy sausage patty and fried egg are sandwiched in an English muffin then served with your choice of sauce…

cheat's McDonald's muffin

Click here for the recipe

Sausage burrito

Fill your next burrito with pork sausages, peppers, avocado and pea guacamole and rice for a satisfying midweek meal.

sausage burrito

Click here for the recipe

Sausage meatballs with linguine

An easy meatball spaghetti is yours in no time with this recipe. A rich tomato sauce cooks these sausage meatballs and infuses them with flavour. Job done!

sausage meatballs

Click here for the recipe

Giant sausage roll

Mini sausage rolls are all well and good, but what about a GIANT version which serves 4? Onions, mushrooms and fennel seeds provide ample flavour and the golden flaky pastry is always a winner.

Sausgae roll

Click here for the recipe

Sausage meatballs with noodles

This simple smart supper packs a flavour punch from a sriracha, soy and rice wine sauce. Sprinkle the udon noodles with sliced spring onions, sesame seeds and coriander to serve.

sausage noodle

Click here for the recipe

Sausage and bean soup with pesto

It’s dinner in under 20 minutes with this speedy bean soup with pesto and sausages. Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil and serve with plenty of crusty bread.

pesto soup

Click here for the recipe

Sausage and herb stuffed aubergines

If you’re looking for a budget dinner but still want something interesting, these sausage and pepper stuffed aubergines are well worth trying. Sage and parsley add lots of flavour and these are lovely served with crusty bread and salad.

Sausage stuffed aubergine

Click here for the recipe

Toad in the hole

It’s toad in the hole but not as you know it in this recipe. Tomatoes and eggs add a vibrant splash of taste and colour, and this can easily be made vegetarian with meat-free sausages. Serve with onion gravy for a winner.

toad in the hole

Click here for the recipe

Sausage and fennel pasta bake

A pasta bake that has it all: vegetables, protein and the all-important melty cheese. Sausage meatballs and chunky rigatoni are stirred through a rich tomato and fennel sauce -does it get any easier than that folks?

sausage bake

Click here for the recipe

Italian sausage and porcini mushroom casserole

A simple smart casserole that packs in bags of flavour with porcini mushrooms, fennel seeds and rosemary. We love it for its versatility: stir through pasta, serve with polenta or pile over mash for three equally good meal options.

Italian sausage casserole

Click here for the recipe

Looking for more? There’s plenty more where that came from… with our sausage casseroles collection.


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