12 side dishes to up your barbecue game

Burgers and sausages have always been the stars of the show but it’s high time we let barbecue side dishes share some of the spotlight.

What’s the point in throwing a barbecue without a decent array of go-back-for-more sides? From a game-changing potato salad, which will elevate your kebabs, to super-tasting vegetables cooked on the embers, discover our top barbecue side dishes which will have your guests digging in for more.

12 side dishes to up your barbecue game

1.Barbecued courgettes with lemon and dukkah

Ever thought of cooking your courgettes on the barbecue embers? Serve these chargrilled beauties alongside homemade dukkah – a mixture of ground nuts and spices  – which adds flavour and crunch to this popular summertime veg.

BBQ courgettes

2.Pickled red onion potato salad

Adding red wine vinegar to your potato salad makes it ideal for cutting through the smoky flavours that tend to come with barbecued meats.

Potato salad

3.Barbecued sweet potatoes with garlic and herb dressing

Sometimes, it’s impossible to keep an eye on the barbecue whilst doing kitchen prep. To make things easier, simply wrap up some sweet potatoes in foil then leave to slowly cook in your barbecue embers. Serve with a dollop or two of our gorgeous garlic and herb soured cream.

Sweet potato

4.Radicchio and orzo pasta salad

If you’re hoping to impress your guests, ditch that run-of-the-mill pasta salad and serve this bright orzo dish instead. Our versatile recipe is packed full of nutrients and any leftovers make a superb packed lunch.

Orzo pasta salad

5.Corn on the cob with cheese and chilli butter

Yep, you heard that right – we’ve combined barbecued corn on the cob with melted cheese and chilli in this heavenly dish – it’s the perfect recipe to keep the taste of summer alive.


6.Heritage tomato salad

Ruby red heritage tomatoes are served simply with pickled shallots, quality olive oil and caperberries in this standout salad which makes the most of seasonal produce. Serve alongside burgers, for a change to tomato relish.

Heritage tomato salad

7.Halloumi fries with honey and sesame

Squeaky cheese is crumbed, fried and drizzled with yogurt, honey and pomegrante molasses in our seriously tempting halloumi fries. Produce this platter when hungry guests are waiting on the mains and we guarantee, you’ll be the most popular person at the barbie.

halloumi fries

8. Grilled chicory with pomegranate molasses 

Grilled chicory is an easy side dish that goes wonderfully well with barbecued meats, such as steaks or beef kebabs.

grilled chicory

9. Baked ‘nduja and burrata dip with olive breadsticks 

Nothing gets a crowd going like a little splash of ‘nduja, right? Our burrata and ‘nduja dip is easy to make and comes with dunkable olive breadsticks for a seriously good nibble pre-barbecue.

nduja dip

10. Grilled peach panzanella, toasted almonds and burrata

Sweet peaches, toasted almonds and creamy burrata go into this gorgeous panzanella salad recipe. Easy-to-make and a worthy centrepiece – perfect for dining alfresco.

11. A really, really good guac

Don’t be tempted to buy it, instead make your own super creamy guacamole at home with our 5-minute recipe. Serve alongside nacho chips and let people dig right in.


12. Lighter creamy coleslaw

Well of course you’re going to need a staple coleslaw dish at any barbecue. The question is, does it need to be calorie-laden?  Our lighter version is lower in calories than the regular stuff and tastes just as good too.

creamy coleslaw


Looking for show-stopping barbecue mains? Discover our burger recipes or be tempted with our veggie and alternative recipes.


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